History of the Ikosimo Hotel

History of Ikosimo Hotel

The structure which formed the foundations of the Ikosimo Hotel were initially built in 1885. The structure was then completed in 1936 when the second floor of the building was added to it.

Like many such buildings in Pelion during that time, the property was used as both a home and place of storage. The Kolovos family inhabited the house which the ground floor was used as a storage room for olives and other agricultural products that the family grew.

Over time, the building was renovated by the family, with great care and devotion, along with a careful eye on small details. The result was the creation of the hotel, named Ikosimo, adter a dignified family coat of arms that once used to appear over the original entrance to the building.

Today the Ikosimo Hotel is a very luxurious and beautiful accommodation facility that has welcomed visitors to Pelion from all around the world. The hotel offers a very comfortable setting and one that has a strong connections with the past traditions.